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Since 2004, PAL Robotics develops humanoid biped and wheeled robots.   


Yes, TIAGo’s simulation is open-source and available for everyone. In order to use the public simulation model for Gazebo follow the instructions in http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/TIAGo.
We make a great effort on keeping our simulators up to date and having them work accurately, allowing for a very easy transition from simulation to the robot.

TIAGo has a CAN bus for communication between the electronic components. The CAN bus is more robust than other buses like RS-485 as it includes the data link layer of the OSI model and handles better faults and collisions.

Yes. They use the same mounting connector and the same interface.The process for interchanging the end effectors in TIAGo is very easy and fast.

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TIAGo robot development is partially funded by Eurostars and CDTI.